Monday, 17 August 2009

New Seeker

I have had to hang on for a few days before writing this particularly sad bit of news until such time that Elite Racing Club and Axom could contact their members.
New Seeker died here at Greatwood on August 12th.
Robbie and Mikey had just about finished field checks but when they looked over New Seeker it was apparent that all was not well. The vet was called, he treated New Seeker and I kept an eye on him overnight. He appeared to be alot better the following day, was a little stiff, but wasn't in any pain, he was eating up well and was bright and alert. He deterioriated the following morning and it was our vet's opinion that euthanasia was the only option in order to relieve his suffering.
New Seeker had ongoing unresolvable issues with both his knees and hock and he had clearly had an acute episode resulting in spine/pelvic trauma.
New Seeker came to us in October 2008, and despite the fact that he was quite high maintenance we are all nevertheless very sad that he won't be able to enjoy the long and happy retirement that we had envisaged.
RIP New Seeker

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